How To Master English Well

Hello friends. It’s about how to master english well. Do you like studying English?If you like it, I feel you have many questions. In general, in this world, English consist of two kinds of language. There are Brithis and American. The difference of them, may be we know about it but little. Usually in education use Brithis than American, because it is easy for the students.

Actually, the peoples can use English easily, but only they are lazy to study it well. A large of English teacher don’t explain about kind of language. In the last the students must study hard, but many students don’t know to study it well. Because they are confused, complicated, and boring.

English is a very important something in our life, so in this occasion we want to explain about ‘HOW TO MASTER ENGLISH WELL’. We have five of the ways to help you to master English well. There are:

The first, by reading

In this way, by reading is a very easy way to study, because all people always read about something everyday, so we can do it enjoy. We must read something hard, the example:we can read novel, English book, magazine, news paper, dictionary, etc. If you have some difficult to know about the meaning and the way to reading, you can look at them in your dictionary. You must do it until you can have science about English well.

The second, by listening

In this way, you can listen your English favourite music, radio, television, and soon. You can also listen your English teacher when your teacher read the story. You must understand about it, if you can’t understant, you may ask about it your teacher or you see in your dictionary.

The third, by speaking

Many peoples can’t speak English well. May be, A small of them can speak English well, so they will get succes in their life. Sometimes, speaking English is difficult for the student. Actually, we can speak English well, so we must understant about VERB, TO BE, VOCAB, MODAL, etc in English lesson, we do it everyday and to remember that” we will get succes”.

The fourth, by writing

The experience, that is a word which always we say in this life. In there have many important something to tell for our friends, but we can also write it in a dairy book, so our friends can read it. In this way, by writing in English isn’t difficult to do for us. We just know about The pattern of tenses, vocab, nouns, etc. If you get finish do it you ask your friends, your English teacher, or someone to check about your exam and you must do it until you can understant it well.

The fifth or the last, by praying to our GOD

In this way, it is a key of all, because we want to master English we must pray to our GOD to get succesful in our life, because just our GOD who have giving us somemercises and blessing so we can study English well. Mainly after to do something, we must pray to our GOD.

Okay, that’s all our informations. We hope it useful for you. We say that ”Don’t forget to do it well”, and you always read our more informations in “UNIVERSALSCOUT”. The last we say thank you about your nice attention.

… See You 🙂

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