The History of Batik

The history of batik. Batik is a craft that has high artistic value and has become part of Indonesian culture (especially Java). That is the legacy of ancestors of Indonesia since time immemorial. The history of batik in Indonesia is related to the development of Majapahit kingdom and subsequent kingdom.

In several records of batik development carried out in the era of the kingdom of Mataram, the kingdom of Solo and Yogyakarta.Batik was originally a declining tradition, so sometimes motif can be identified from a family. Batik motifs can indicate the status of someone. In fact now some traditional batik motifs are only used by the royal family of Yogyakarta and Surakarta.

Types and patterns traditional batik in indonesia is very much, but the patterns and variations in accordance with the philosophy and culture of each region is very diverse.Such as the style and style of traditional batik with its own peculiarities.

Javanese women in the past made their skills in batik as a livelihood so that in the past the work of batik exclusively is the work of women.since the age of industrialization and globalization, introducing the technique of automation, the new type of batik known as batik or batik while traditional batik is produced with handwriting using canting and night called batik.

So according to the technique, batik is decorated fabrics with texture and pattern batik that use this batik. Makes batik takes about 2-3 months.Batik cap is a fabric decorated with texture and style of batik formed with a hat (usually made of copper) .The process of making this type of batik takes longer for 2-3 days .

In the development of this batik imitated slowly. The people closest and then expand me so that the women work in their homes to fill the spare time. Furthermore, batik has just become a family costume fashion, then popular fashion, both women and men. batik patterns and colors are influenced by various foreign influences. Originally batik has a variety of shades and colors are limited and some colors. Should only use certain circles.but coastal batik absorb various external influences such as foreign traders and also finally the invaders. Gold color like red popularized by Tionghoad and also popularized the phoenix style (bird of fire).

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